Tiger Society

At Tiger Society, our primary goal is to provide utilities to our NFTs. For this purpose, our first step to achieving our goal is to create 3d mobile game which will have the mechanism to give meaning to all NFTs released by Tiger Society.


Our first NFT drop was Tigers. We sold out in 2 minutes. Currently, Tigers are trading on different market places on Cardano. Tigers are the Hero of our society.


After our Tigers, we released cubs. They also went pretty well. We sold out our cubs in 15 minutes.

Tiger Mutants

We put an extra effort into creating mutants, as they are very strongly valued NFTs. Our potions to make mutants rolled out pretty well. To create a mutant, the user is required to send two tigers and a potion.


Tigress will be a part of the Tiger family. They will also serve as mediums to increase the audience and holders for Tiger Society NFTs collection.


Unicorns are part of the game. They will serve users as pets, or they will be another character in the game to fight. There will be more characters in the game, which will be released to the public after some time.


Currently, what we have achieved in the Cardano ecosystem is not hidden from anyone. From selling out in 2 minutes to staking almost 4K NFTs and then Mutation calculator. But for us, our community is the best thing that has happened to us, which supports us thick and thin. We love our community.

What you should know

About the Tiger Society Team

We have more than 50 years of accumulative experience in cryptocurrency, game development, blockchain development, 2d artwork, concept art, 3d artwork, rendering, texturing, modeling and social media managment.

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