The Idea

The idea is to create a 3d high-quality game for mobile in which users can win NFTs through different missions in the game. The more significant tasks will be to find an NFT in the 3d jungle world and to fight with other characters or pets to win NFTs and through breeding. The game will be available on both iOS and Android stores and all the other stores which will support unity3d output. In the future, we will port the game to the web. There will be two parts to the game. Game Backend (Marketplace, Staking portal)


Users will be given a choice to choose their pet. The pet will be initially having default powers. System will assign different abilities to the pet according to the NFTs user stake in the staking portal. All the NFTs are not equal. NFTs' scores will be announced according to their traits and rarities. More NFTs people will stake the stronger their pet will be. There will extra reward NFTs to the users whoo stakes their NFTs for long term.


Users will be given different puzzles to solve if they solve the mystery, they will be awarded the NFT or governance token. Users will be able to find different NFT airdrops in the game. Once they find the NFT, they will get the NFTs in their wallet.


Users can fight with different characters in the game. Once users win the fight mission, they will be awarded the NFT of the fighting character. The NFT will be airdrop to the user once they win the mission. Winning fights won't be easy, though. For the first release, fights will be with computer characters. In future releases, we will make it multiplayer.


Breeding will be the most challenging part of the game. To breed, the first user needs to quest for the lover. Once a lover is found, the user will live with the lover for several days. In those days, the user can not play the game if they agree to breed. On completion of successful breeding, the user will get a baby character NFT. Breeding also can fail, depending on the lover or user's pet.

Marketplace (WEB)

User can put their NFTs on any marketplace available on the Cardano ecosystem up for sale. Plus, we will also create our marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. The user of the game will get access to the marketplace through their registered userID in the game.

Staking Portal (WEB)

The staking portal will be available in the same place as a marketplace. It is also accessible through the same userId as in the game. Here users can stake NFTs and redeem their NFTs. Users will be able to see the power of their character as well.


First Quarter 2022 Alpha Release

Second Quarter 2022 Beta Release

Final release vs AI version

Final release Multiplayer version


Testing will be available for only TS NFTs holders and while testing they will be able to win NFTs. The chances of winning NFTs will be pretty less in testing phase.


We will do google ads, facebook ads, admob and other ad networks for marketing.